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23rd-Dec-2008 02:45 pm - Hello
Hey all. I don't think I've ever posted here... if I have already, my apologies, I forget things.

Anyhow, here's a little about me, and a picture behind the cut. Enjoy!

Name's Jesse. I'm a third year student at UCSC, studying Information Systems Management and Psychology. Also working part-time as an IT guy. Enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, blah blah blah... Trying to find friends close to my age and area... but there seems to be nobody in either category, sadly.

If you wanta know more, just ask. :)

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3rd-Aug-2008 03:14 pm - Logo's "Bear Run"
Does anyone here have Logo channel? If so, did you catch their Real Momentum documentary Bear Run last night?

My take on it is posted on my blog, and hopefully doesn't contain too many spoilers for those who haven't seen it (you can order the director's cut from the film's website if you're interested).

Any-hoo, for those who might have watched it:

Was it truly indicative of bear runs in general, or could they have elaborated a bit further?
What did you like about it?
What didn't you like?
19th-Jul-2008 06:41 pm - On the Road...
Anybody in Savannah GA or Chicago?

Or if anybody attended SCAD or SAIC extra brownie points for you!
7th-Jul-2008 10:32 pm - Newbie
skanky, sexy
So a lot of people tell me that I look like I belong to the bear community. I guess it's a good thing because I like how no one fits a cookie cutter image like in other communities. However as you can see in this picture I like to get in touch with my less masculine sometimes. I need answers...can I fit into this community?
9th-Jun-2008 06:37 am - Artists?
I"m curious if we have artists out there?
19th-May-2008 10:26 pm - GenX'ers Were Here First
Since this a group for GenX'ers, I thought that this was only appropriate to share with the group. :-)

This article from Radar, originally linked through moroccomole's page, is not only hilarious but in some ways true.

Read through it, and let us all know if you agree with the writer's standpoint on "Millenials" or if he's perpetuating the GenX whiny stereotype.
26th-Mar-2008 12:18 am - He LIKES me!

I suck at letting guys know I"m into them. I never really learned that skill of being subtle and I just get a bit scared from all my history of easy crushing when I first came out.

So why do I say I suck at this? A friend online introduced me to another friend online. He and I had enough in common and thought each others pics were just lovely, so we had to meet in person. Well, with the same mutual friend he showed up at a SFGMC rehearsal three weeks ago. I was like "OMG, he's even more handsome in person!" but in my attempts to be adult, I just got very polite and worked very hard to just be cool. It was a nice little 3 minute interaction. I couldn't read him, and honestly thought "he's too cute, he's not gonna be into me", but I texted him anyways. Never heard back.

Tonight, 3 weeks later, I see him online for the first time since then and he says hi and then "so what did you think of me the other night". *GASP* He NEVER got the text?!? Turns out, he thinks I"m the cats meow. And now I'm as happy as a little junior high student. Gotta love being dependent on the approval of others.

But this isn't the first time this has happened...about a month ago I had a date with a guy I pretty much was drooling over the whole time BUT I strove to be all cool...with every fiber of my being....and in this case it turns out he wasn't into me....so its good I didn't go all out...but is it? What is going on with me?
25th-Mar-2008 12:15 am(no subject)
bunny ears 2
It's a couple of days late, but figured you guys would still enjoy it.

27, single, native Californian..

More general photos here.
As I stared at myself today in the mirror, a thought occurred to me:

Which is worse?

Sometimes seeing yourself as ugly.


Knowing that no one but yourself can ever see how truly beautiful you are.

I stared at myself in the mirror today and found that I am so beautiful. Not in a cosmetic sort of way, but in a my face, this body, the hair, the eyes, fingers, toes, lips, soul................they all fit together to create something. And in my opinion(the only opinion that matters, the only opinion that is 100% honest and true), they fit together perfectly.

Each one of you reading this is perfect. You are the perfect mix of everything. And although I may never fully understand how beautiful you are, I'm glad that I can at least see a part of your beauty.

Above everything else in this world, love yourself fully and passionately, cuz you are, in every way, exactly what you need to be.
15th-Mar-2008 12:15 pm - Where do those hours go!?
Curious as always!

Poll #1154634 Time Online

Where do you spend the most time online?

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